Business Planning: Don’t Forget About Build Out!

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Leasing commercial space is quite different than leasing or renting a residential space such as an apartment.  Depending on the nature of the business that will be occupying the commercial space, there will be improvements that will need to be completed before you can open your doors for business.  If you are just getting started in business, make sure you include space in your budget for the build-out of your new space.  Improvements to a commercial space are the responsibility of the tenant – not the property owner.

Choosing a good contractor to execute your project is essential.  Time is money. The less time it takes to complete your commercial space and open for business, the better it is for your business.   In Montgomery County, the permitting portion of the build-out process can be time-consuming so make sure to take this into consideration for your business plan.  To keep your business plan on schedule, have a contractor like Prevost Construction in mind that has experience in commercial tenant build-outs and has a good reputation.   Getting the ball rolling as soon as you have secured an office space is crucial.  Good contractors are busy and getting on their schedule as soon as you can will help keep your business plan in line.

The overall look of your space should be included as part of your business plan as well.  Your space will speak volumes about your business.  A well-built space is, in and of itself, a marketing tool.

Do not neglect your commercial space design and detail in your business plan.  Obtain a contractor that is ready to help you realize your dreams and get your business off to the best start possible!