Think Outside The Box

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I know what you are thinking…one of two images probably come to mind when considering a modular home; a simple ranch style home or split-level style home.  In the past, these types of homes were generally the most popular styles in the modular industry.

Guess what? Times have changed!  There is such a variety of construction styles and sizes, you can now choose from upwards of seventy floor plan designs.  Ranging from the standard ranch and split level styles, to cape cod, and two-story designs; one can custom design their home using a modular building system.  Many options are also available that will help customize your home to your own personal tastes. Whether you are looking for a 1,000 square foot home or a 4,000 square foot home, a modular building system can meet your needs.  Modular building systems have also become quite popular in multi-family and commercial applications.

I know what else you are thinking…modular homes are of a lower quality than your conventional frame home.  Yes, one of the advantages of purchasing and building a modular home is that you will save money on your new home but this does not mean that the home is “cheap” or of lower quality.  Modular homes are constructed faster thus costs are controlled and kept to a minimum allowing for savings to pass along to you.  In fact, modular homes are designed and constructed in a climate controlled environment meaning no weather ever touches the inside of your new home.  Additionally, new modular homes endure at least 300 quality and third party inspections ascertaining the highest level of quality.  When designing your new home that is engineered using the latest construction technology, you have the ability to choose from high-quality, energy-efficient material, products, and appliances.  Therefore, choosing a modular home will not only save money on the initial construction but you will continue to see savings on your energy bills in the future.

Saving money on high-quality construction is just one of the many advantages to purchasing a modular home. Modular homes are delivered up to 90% complete.  When you use a modular building system to construct your home, you will only have to wait approximately 7 to 9 weeks for it to be completed versus the 7 to 9 months you would generally wait for a conventional frame home.

Looking to enlarge your existing home? Choose from an array of home additions that have been designed to fit your existing home. Remodeling additions range from bedrooms and family rooms to kitchens, sunrooms, and garages.

Before dismissing the possibility of using a modular building system due to outdated generalizations, think outside the box and educate yourself on the many advantages to building a modular home.