Why Modular Homes Are So Popular Among Hurricane Victims…

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Prior to Hurricane Katrina, modular homes weren’t really popular in the South.  Modulars have been popular until now mainly in Northern states with short building seasons and high labor costs.  Now, they are a preferred structure, especially for replacing hurricane-damaged homes.


First, modular homes are perfect for a quick recovery situation.  When your home has been destroyed, you don’t want to wait a year or more for a new one!  Once the modular units are complete from the factory, the house can be completed within a couple weeks or less.  A traditionally stick-built home would take months.  A systems-built home arrives on site move-in ready, from carpet to curtains already installed!

Second, the modular homes designed for use in the South are built to withstand wind loads of 160 to 175mph.  They are strong, high-quality structures.  Additionally, they are perfect for being set on 11ft tall pilings to comply with flood zone requirements.

Third, they are usually less expensive.  Many hurricane victims are working with a very limited budget.  The structures are generally less expensive and there is not nearly as much labor costs as with a traditional built home.

Modular homes are a quick, high-quality, and a less expensive alternative.  And there are so many options available to customize modular homes, the possibilities are endless.  Don’t forget to consider modular when it’s time to build your custom home!