Modular Construction Begins

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Construction Begins for Louisa County Middle School 
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Construction crews are moving dirt for Louisa County’s modular high school.  The pod-style structures will placed on the parking lot in front of the now condemned earthquake-damaged school.

Construction is on track to have the modular school in place by late November so teachers can begin moving into their makeshift classrooms in mid-December.  Then students can return to a regular, five-day class schedule on February 1.

Crews started uprooting trees and pulling out parking lot lights to make way for the modular school.  Right now, they’re putting the pipe work in place to hook the units up to water and sewer.

The modular school consists of a collection of more than a dozen pod buildings with space for 90 classrooms, a library, gym, and cafeteria.  It will wrap around the front of the earthquake-damaged high school and cover most of the parking lot.

Louisa County Assistant Superintendent Doug Straley stated, “It’s vital – we need to get our kids back in school five days a week. We want to be able to provide an education for our kids just like everyone else around the commonwealth is getting at this time – and that’s a five day a week education and a quality education. We want to give them their own school they can be proud of.”

County schools expect to pay about $3.6 million to set up and rent the modular high school for the next two school years.

The county is also waiting on three separate damage assessments to see how much it will cost to rebuild the high school and Thomas Jefferson Elementary.

The schools have already spent about $884,000 on earthquake expenses.  The system hopes the Federal Emerge


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