Virginia Modular Relief

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Louisa County school officials say crews are preparing to place the county’s modular high school that will temporarily shelter students until the earthquake-damaged Louisa County High School can be repaired.

“Site work on the modular high school has already begun with tree removal and trenching for water and sewer lines,” schools spokeswoman Jaclyn O’Laughlin said Wednesday.

“The first set of trailers will arrive by the end of this week,” she said. “All units should be installed by Dec. 15, at which point walkways will be added, and furniture will begin to be moved into the mobile classrooms.”

The modular school is expected to open Feb. 1. The school should be able to meet the required hours and accreditation standards set by the Virginia Department of Education, O’Laughlin said.

The high school and Louisa County Middle School, which have been sharing facilities since school resumed after the Aug. 23 magnitude 5.8 quake, will resume a normal weekday schedule.

School officials are also reviewing an independent damage report of Louisa County High School and Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. The schools’ insurance company has also provided the district with a damage assessment.

The report indicates that damage repair costs are about 70 percent of the cost of building a new Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, according to a filing by Gov. Bob McDonnell with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and President Barack Obama.

The high school is comprised of buildings built in 1938 and 1972 and joined in 2000. Damage estimates indicate that repair costs equal about 54 percent of replacement costs for the 1938 section and 50.2 percent of the 1972 building.

McDonnell included estimates as part of the official request asking that Obama declare the county a federal disaster area to gain federal funds to help rebuild the schools.

FEMA earlier this month denied McDonnell’s request for federal money for county residents. The county and the governor are appealing the denial. The requests are separate.

No repair efforts at the schools are planned until the insurance coverage is finalized and FEMA has made a decision on the school request for help.


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