Day: October 24, 2011

Modular Hospital

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Modular buildings turned hospitals in Joplin, Missouri after being hit by a tornado! Below is the article discussing a modular building hospital, very cool!
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(Joplin, MO) — St. John’s makes the move from its field hospital to a modular building. The sturdier structure will mean larger rooms and updated facilities for patients.

Registered Nurse Barbara Mammele has worked at St. John’s for six years. She says moving out of the field hospital into a modular building will add comfort for staff and patients.

“It helps to reduce the stress because you know it’s the best environment at the time, and that’s important,” Mammele says.

The new building features stable floors, indoor plumbing, and surroundings that remind employees, like Diana Clark, of work before the tornado.

“I found myself this morning coming in and I was placing everything like I had on my old floor – from the other hospital,” Clark says.

Staff transported patients with highest needs first. The new building offers spacious rooms and a higher level of privacy — making it easier for patients to come back to their hospital of choice.

“I really appreciated how they worked with me, and I had loyalty to the staff that was here. So when they asked me where I wanted to go I thought well, if they’re able to care for me, I’d like to go back there,” says patient Mark Hundson.

The modular unit also has windows — a key asset for any hospital.

“Which is just huge for the nurses, for our attitude and of course for the patient. Nothing helps a patient like a good deal of sunshine,” says Mammele.

And as light fills the air, so does the hope that St. John’s is one step closer to a permanent structure.

Crews will work to take down the field hospital this week.