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Frame a Room with Little Effort
Superior Polymer Offers a Plastic Furring System that Locks into Place

The EcoStud Track and Stud System from Calumet, Mich.-based Superior Polymer offers a framing solution for interior, non-load-bearing walls or partitions that support gypsum wallboard construction. Because it is made from 100 percent recycled resins that contain postindustrial and post-consumer content, the system is ideal for moisture-prone environments, such as basements and buildings in wet coastal areas. It can be used in light-commercial and residential renovation projects. EcoStud, which was received the most reader inquiries from the April issue, page 76, also can earn credits in several green-building programs.

The system, which is lightweight and does not have sharp edges, is designed for fast installation using common tools. Pre-punched screw holes in the track provide attachment to overhead joists and foundation flooring while the track’s positioning slots lock each stud at the top and bottom. This provides placement of studs in 8-inch increments along the track without measurement. Each stud can be positioned at 16- or 24-inch on-center intervals without using fastening clips or screws.

EcoStud extruded studs are available in 8- or 10-foot lengths and can be cut and trimmed for framing around windows, ductwork, and stairway tread and risers. The C-channel design can be cut with a chop saw and fastens to other studs using common 1/2-inch needle-point screws.

Because the system is wood-free, it is impervious to water and related issues, such as rot and mold. It also eliminates damage caused by termites, carpenter ants, powderpost beetles and other wood-destroying insects.

The recycled resin studs provide R-values and help prevent rapid heat loss. Resin studs will not promote extreme thermal bridging and will eliminate condensation stripes from forming in cold environments.

The track and studs accept most insulation products, including spray foam, fiberglass batts, blown-in cellulose and rigid foam board.

All EcoStud resin studs include 2-inch-diameter top and bottom conduit holes for routing electrical wires and plumbing. Outlet and switch boxes also can be attached.

For more information about the EcoStud Track and Stud System from Superior Polymer, type 63 in E-Inquiry Form or visitdirectory.qualifiedremodeler.com/product/10239491.

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