Twitter Tuesday: @HGTVpro @MidAtlanticNews @Cotweet @WomenInConcrete @RemodelQA

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Twitter is a great way to get involved and improve visits to your website. @prevostconstruc follows new accounts on a daily basis and love to share our new favorite’s to follow. We are always looking to find an account that is construction  based, and full of knowledge, especially about green products and innovations.

 Here are a few worth following:

@HGTVpro: As a sister network to HGTV, we’re the site for professional homebuilding and remodeling — as well as energy-efficiency and green building best practice

@MidAtlanticNewsEditor with Mid-Atlantic Construction magazine. Covering Washington, D.C., Va.; Md.; Del. and Eastern Pa.

@CoTweet: CoTweet – How Business Gets Social

@WomenInConcreteWomen in Concrete is a networking resource for women working in the concrete construction field. Learn about the people, industry trends and techniques

@RemodelQARemodelQA, where contractors and experts share their expertise to your home improvement and remodeling questions


Tell us @prevostconstruc who you follow!





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