Go green, the easy way!

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John Wagner recently published an article in Qualified Remodeler providing readers with easy steps in going green!

  1. Use no- or low-VOC paints, finishes, sealants, caulks and adhesives.
  2. Use lumber products that are formaldehyde-free or contain no added formaldehyde. F
  3. You can increase efficiency of forcedair-heated homes by up to 15 percent by sealing duct seams.
  4. Use spray polyurethane foams that are isocyanate- and formaldehydefree.
  5. Light-colored roofs drive down cooling costs.
  6. Use certified lumber.
  7. New carpets do not have to offgas toxins.
  8. Plastic decking and trim should have recycled attributes. 
  9. Don’t scrimp on the thermal envelope.
  10. Focus on sound building practices. Green building is about using greener versions of traditional building products.
For a full version of the article, visit by clicking on this link: www.qualifiedremodeler.com

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